PatternXP mod


Download x64 version


Unzip the content of the archive in the directory "Gear\Generators". The file "Jeskola Pattern XP.dll" replace the original one.
PatternXP Mod needs the "Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable package".

Alternate : you can "download alternate" or "download alternate x64 version"and unzip it in "Gear\Generators". A new file "Jeskola Pattern XP mod.dll" is installed with the new Pattern XP named "Jeskola Pattern XP mod". The original Pattern XP still exists. To use the new one, you need to declare it in the file "Gear\gear.xml" (create the file if it doesn't exist):
<Machine Name="Jeskola Pattern XP mod" LoadAtStartup="True"/>

What's new

"Bar" combobox to select the number of beats between row highlighting.
Pg-up and Pg-down move 1 "bar"
"Help" checkbox to show/hide the content of the text file "Jeskola Pattern XP.txt".
"Merge" button to paste the content of the clipboard without clearing the existing data.
"Clear off" button to clear all "note off" in the selection.
"Add off" button to add "note off" after each note in the selection.
Shift "note off" up or down in the selection.
"HOME": moves as built-in editor.
"Export" : export pattern in CSV format.
"Import" : import pattern from a CSV file.
Keep the selection persistent when changing patterns.
Show (or hide) parameter name at the top of the columns.
Shrink / Expand pattern.
Track toolbar (C-copy, X-cut, P-paste, M-merge).
Buttons in a toolbar (optional).
"Humanize" button to randomize parameters in the selection (scalable 0..100), empty rows humanized or not.
"Insert Chord" button to insert on the current row the notes of the chord with current note as root of the chord. Chords description file are located in the directory Buzz\Gear\Generators\PatternXP and are named *.chords. You can select the file to use. The chord can be generated once or octave after octave up to the last track.
Interpolate can be modulated by a param.
"Reverse" button to reverse the order of the values in the selection.
"Mirror" button to mirror the values in the selection.
Buttons to "Insert row", "Delete row".
Chord expert : analyse the pattern to display the chords names.
Chord expert : select the chord to insert with a dialog. Chords are displayed depending on the distance from the current chord.
Chord expert dialog: Insert multiple chords in the pattern. Move the pattern cursor within the dialog.
Tonality selection : Display notes out of tonality in red. Chord selection dialog shows only chords in the tonality. Shift notes and mirror notes according to tonality.
Dialog to determine the tonality of the pattern.
Selection of arpeggio used for chord generation.
Creation of arpeggio according to the notes selected in the pattern.
"Transpose" Button to transpose the selected notes into a min/max subset.
"Save progression" Button to save a chords progression. Use the progressions in the Chord Expert dialog.


Ctrl+Shift+SUBTRACT : shift selection 1 octave down
Ctrl+Shift+ADD : shift selection 1 octave up
ctrl + shift + V: Edit paste and merge
ctrl + F: Clear NoteOff
ctrl + shift + F: Add NoteOff
ctrl + J: Shift down NoteOff
ctrl + shift + J: Shift up NoteOff
ctrl + A: Select All
ctrl + shift + T: Select track
ctrl + shift + R: Humanize selection
HOME: as built-in editor
ctrl + PrevPage: First row
ctrl + NextPage : Last row
ctrl + HOME : First col, first row
ctrl + END : Last col, last row
ctrl + alt + X : Export pattern
ctrl + alt + P : Import pattern
ctrl + alt + SUBTRACT: shrink pattern / 2
ctrl + alt + ADD: expand pattern * 2
ctrl + H: Insert chord
ctrl + D: Reverse Selection
ctrl + shift + D: Mirror Selection
ctrl + P: Insert row
ctrl + shift + P: Delete row
ctrl + dblClick on machine name opens the machine help file (if exists).
dblclick on the row number : Select row.
shift + dblclick on the row number : Select beat.
ctrl + dblclick on the row number : Select measure.

Chord expert dialog :
Up, Down, Left, Right : move cursor in chords grid
ENTER : insert chord in pattern
ESC : close dialog
ctrl+Up : Prev row in pattern
ctrl+Down : Next row in pattern
ctrl+PrevPage: Prev measure in pattern
ctrl+NextPage : Next measure in pattern
ctrl+Delete : Clear current row in pattern

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